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The Bags are Packed

After much planning, packing and repacking, the bags are packed and the day of travel is at hand. Jess & Shaun arrived at the house for breakfast @ 6:00, then we headed to Portland to fly Southwest Airlines. Jess & Shaun continued on to Seattle to enjoy their first wedding anniversary weekend.

Today is a day spent flying across the country we will spend the next eight weeks biking across. We are flying form Portland to Chicago, then onto Norfolk, Virginia. Our friends Wyatt and Christina will pick us up at the airport and we will spend the weekend with them.

The two black boxes contain the tandem bike. It took a day to take apart, since it was the first time with this tandem. Hopefully, it will go together quicker tomorrow when we put it back together. Sunday will be a day to take a ride to the beach to make sure the pike is working. Then, Monday we begin the journey across.

Here is our planned trip across the country. Who knows how far we will make it in eight weeks. Hopefully somewhere west of the Mississippi and close to the Rockies. Again, Jess & Shaun will pick us up and we will enjoy a bit of time together before returning to Hermiston.

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